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March Madness!!!

From now until the end of the month  Trane S9X1 60KBTU and 80KBTU , furnaces are only $2499.00 (home owners only, no dealers please!) Plus get a $300.00 rebate with optional 12 month 0% financing -OR- 60 month no interest financing! (Upflow models only limited supply available at this price. Installation prices may vary.)

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OFFER EXPIRES 04/01/2023!!!

Healthy Air and Maintenance

We are giving away a Free Furnace Tune Up with the purchase of a Humidifier, UV Air Purifier, or Whole House Air Cleaner! We also have these items at a significant discount through the end of the promotion. These upgrades can help replace the humidity that is lost during cold weather and help prevent dust, germs, viruses and allergens from recirculating through your home.

Humidifiers work with your heating system to replace the humidity that is lost in your home during cold weather. Proper humidity levels help keep our lungs and sinuses healthy  making it harder for germs and viruses to enter our bodies. It also makes the air feel warmer and more comfortable during the cold winter months. 

Price for normal installation: $749  ONLY $599!

Aprilaire whole house air cleaners help eliminate dust, and allergens from recirculating through your home. It can actually capture around 99% of pollen and micro-particles down to 3 microns. Just as a reference, human hair is about three times that size. This helps not only make the air healthier but also reduces how much you have to dust and protects you furnace and air conditioning system from getting as dirty. It even actually comes with a 10 year clean coil guarantee when it is installed on a clean system.

Price for normal installation: $674  ONLY $559!

Our APCO UV air purifiers by Freshaire UV helps stop germs, viruses and mold by deactivating the very building blocks of these organisms making it impossible for them to reproduce and infect us. The APCO system was proven to eliminate COVID-19 and many other viruses and germs. As an added benefit, this system does a great job of eliminating odors from pets and basements to cooking and even teenagers.

Price for normal installation: $675  ONLY $599!

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