Replacement & Installation

Purchasing a new system is a big decision! Getting it right the first time is very important and can have a major impact on system performance. Even the best brands on the market will not work well if it isn’t correctly sized or if it’s installed improperly.

CIncinnati Heating and Air Conditioning will give you peace of mind with our educated and experienced team, ensuring our work is done right the first time!

Brand Matters

There are so many brands on the market today and every year there seems to be more! How do you know what brand is the best option for you and your home?


Trane has been rated amongst the top 5 brands, year after year. It is manufactured by Ingersoll-Rand, a major manufacturer of industrial-grade products. Trane is known for their industry leading heating and air conditioning equipment with some of the best humidity control, zoning, and thermostats. 

Comfortmaker is a brand known for delivering consistent, quality performance at an affordable price.  Manufactured by Carrier and Bryant, one of the leading brands in the HVAC industry, Comfortmaker can be another great option for home owners. 

Does the size of your new system matter? Yes!

The best equipment in the world won’t make up for a poor installation. A great installation always starts with a top notch design. Properly sizing your new system with an accurate load calculation is the first and most important part of the design process, but don’t just take our word for it.


“The furnace’s specifications should fit your needs. A furnace that’s too small won’t keep your house comfortable during extremely-cold weather.

Partly to avoid that possibility, the furnaces in most homes are larger than necessary. Initial cost was only one of the drawbacks of that strategy. A furnace that’s too large will cycle on and off more frequently. That puts more wear on its components, wastes energy, and causes the temperature to vary uncomfortably. Also, a larger replacement furnace might require larger ducts. Without the right size ducts, airflow can be noisy.

To be sure of correct sizing and a proper installation, choose a reputable contractor who will take the time to calculate your heating needs according to an industry standard such as in ‘Manual J HVAC Residential Load Calculation’ of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA).”

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