If you don’t schedule time for maintenance, your equipment will schedule it for you. 


Regular service visit / system diagnostic        $65

Standard furnace or A/C tune up                       $85

Oil furnace tune up                                             $135


Need Repairs?

Our professional, clean cut, NATE certified technicians will perform a full diagnostic on your system rather than just guessing and changing parts.  After determining the source of the problem , we will give you the options and transparent up front pricing for any needed repairs and upgrades that my help your system be more comfortable, reliable, and efficient. 

All of our recommended repairs and upgrades come with a full one year repair guarantee. If the same repair is needed again in that time we’ll take care of it for free.

Top notch mainenance

Properly maintaining equipment is very import. Without proper maintenance furnaces and air conditioners become inefficient and unreliable and in some cases even dangerous.

Our Precision Tune-Ups cover everything that is needed on a yearly basis to keep your equipment in proper working order and also to make sure your manufacturer parts warranty stays in effect.  From properly cleaning the outdoor coil to cleaning out the condensate drain, nothing gets left out.

Give your equipment the attention it needs so that it doesn’t fail when you need it the most.

Upgrade options

SURGE PROTECTORS can help your equipment last longer. One of the main causes of motor and capacitor failure are power surges. When you buy a new computer or flat screen do plug it into the wall or use a protective power strip? Why not give your HVAC system the protection it needs?

AC RENEW refrigerant oil additive can be equally beneficial to old and new systems alike. It is a lot like using high quality motor oil in your car. The better oil reduces friction, improves the efficiency and makes the moving parts last longer. It can also increase the cooling capacity of aging systems.

START BOOSTERS increase compressor motor torque when it needs it at start up by providing a boost of energy for a short time. This can help newer compressors last longer and help older struggling compressors get through one or two more seasons.

SOLID STATE CONTACTORS monitor the current coming into the your outdoor unit and protect the compressor from brownouts. Bad contacts can seriously impact a compressors operation and can cause premature failure. A solid state contactor can prevent that. The other benefit is smoother, quieter starts.