Indoor Air Quality

Air Humidifier & Purifier Options

The uncomfortable truth

    Allergens, like pollen, dust mites, and mold are very high most of the year in our area. Other contaminants like pet dander,  VOCs (smells), and chemicals can cause a lot of irritation as well. Unfortunately, most homes are not very well equipped  to take care of these issues. The typical air filters that you’ll find at the hardware store let most small contaminants through, restrict the airflow leading to poor system performance, or both. Worse yet are the electronic air cleaners that are almost guaranteed to let everything through but small birds. Add to this the high humidity that we experience in the summer months and also the dryness of the winter and you are set up for a much less healthy and comfortable living space.  

So, what can be done about it?

In Southwest Ohio, allergies are a big deal.

PARTICLES- Dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold are the best place to start with cleaning up your air and making your home healthier. Thankfully, with the right type of air filtration, most of these particles are easy to eliminate.  To do this, a high quality media filter with at least a MERV 13 rating works well. 

The Aprilaire Whole House Air Cleaner is a great example. It captures around 98% of the pollen and works very well on most other particles as well. These systems also include a 10 year clean coil guarantee from the manufacturer. Because they work so well, we include the air cleaners on every new furnace installation whenever possible. Also, they typically only need changed once per year in most homes, making your maintenance much easier. This upgrade can be installed on most existing systems with only moderate modification of your existing ductwork. 

Viruses and Germs and VOCs Oh My!

VOCs, CHEMICALS, MOLD, VIRUSES and GERMS – With the particles handled, that still leaves all the  contaminants in your air that can be a bit nasty. VOCs (volatile organic compounds), chemicals, and some biological contaminants can’t be captured with filters and can really effect the health and comfort of your home. Add to this the issue of COVID and other viruses and it makes solving these issues a much higher priority, particularly for those struggling with an already compromised immune system. 

The APCO Whole House Air Purifier is one the best options we’ve found to address all of these issues and has been independently tested and proven. This is a high quality UV air purifier with an activated carbon cell. It is very effective and doesn’t produce ozone like most other UV air purifiers.

The iWave-R Air Ionization System is another great product that can address these issues as well. It operates by ionizing air particles within your home. This can help reduce odors as well as germs and viruses. It also has the benefit of making dust particles easier for your air filter to eliminate.

Controlling Humidity

Is your home dry and full of static in the winter? Sticky or clammy in the summer? Controlling the humidity in your home can make a big difference in your comfort and your health.

LOW HUMIDITY can make us much more susceptible to germs and viruses, as well as making us feel cold in the winter. The only way to combat this is to replace the humidity our houses lose in the winter with a humidifier. Room humidifiers have to constantly be refilled and can be trip hazards. They also can produce large amounts of dust issues due to the minerals in the water. 

A whole house humidifier eliminates these issues and can control the humidity in your entire house. With an automatic control, it can eliminate the need for constant adjustments due to weather changes.

HIGH HUMIDITY in the summer can lead to mold growth and that sticky or clammy feeling. Air conditioning systems with a variable speed blower and multiple stages of cooling can significantly increase the humidity removal by up to four times in the summertime. Our more advanced thermostats allow you to optimize your system and control summer time humidity much more effectively. 

Another option to eliminate high humidity is a whole house dehumidifier. Standard plug in dehumidifiers have a fairly low capacity and typically only last a couple years before its time to throw them away. Our pro-grade dehumidifiers are able to remove large amounts of humidity and last for years while using much less electricity.  

What Our Customers Say
Langston JoinerLangston Joiner
14:35 26 Sep 23
I had the central air replaced. Had the system for over a month and I had no issues. Techs were very professional and installation was high quality. Will consider them again in the future.
Jillian HegemannJillian Hegemann
17:39 08 Sep 23
Cincinnati Heating and Air went above and beyond for us. We had another company assess our system and couldn't give us any clear answers as to why our system was so noisy. When I chatted with Cincinnati HVAC I had little faith in someone actually being able to answer the question. Thankfully, they were not deterred by that and instead happily sent someone out at no cost to us to offer a second opinion (the same day I called!).After taking a look at our system the technician talked my husband and I through EVERYTHING they noticed and multiple solutions available to us to solve our noise problem. We joked that we felt like we just took a crash course in HVAC and it was so appreciated!To keep things interesting - as my husband and I were contemplating our options a heat wave came through our air conditioning went out (which they shared was a very real possibility from their initial assessment). As my husband said, "they called it!"We reached out to Cincinnati HVAC that following morning and they had our same great tech (James!) come out within a few hours to do a quick fix to get the house cool. Before James could leave we told him we wanted to go ahead and sign up for their VIP service and a new system. James, once again, talked us through all the available "models" to choose from and made a very reasonable suggestion for our home that would meet our needs.Within 5 days we had an entirely new system. The installation team was just as amazing as James! Chris and his crew were quick and respectful. Chris walked us through everything once he was finished and told us what to expect next.Overall, our experience was amazing! We felt and still feel so valued by this company and their team. Cannot recommend highly enough! Thank you, Cincinnati Heating and Air team!
Lisa HelmLisa Helm
13:12 08 Sep 23
Although it has been a couple months since my A/C was installed I am still blown away by this company. From start to finish our sales rep "Mike" and the two installers "Dante" and "Brayden" went above and beyond for us. Mike came inspected everything and gave us all of our options ranging for cheapest and to higher quality. He was not a pushy sales rep, was extremely informative and patient with us as we knew nothing. He took our calls even when it was after hours and was more than understanding with all of our questions. I can't tell you enough how impressed and good we felt about buying through them after that. And if that wasn't enough the installers pushed our happiness to the next level. They did everything with professionalism and handled any and all issues we had. (Which weren't many to begin with and even less as they installation went on) Even though there were a few issues they ran into they were quick to handle it and kept us apprised of any and all steps along the way. If you are debating what company to go with I would urge you to stop here and trust that you're getting your money's worth. I recommend them to everyone who ask and even those who don't. They did an incredible job from start to finish and we couldn't be happier.
Jeannette StidhamJeannette Stidham
01:52 03 Aug 23
Great experience with the replacement of our AC unit today! They worked with us to figure out the most cost effective way and best use of the system we currently had to get our house back to cool. Thank you so much Elliot and the Cincinnati HVAC Team! Top Notch!
Ernesto LevyErnesto Levy
00:56 30 Jul 23
I needed a furnace repaired and was leaving out of town. Cinci-HVAC was able to take care of me and came to diagnose what was wrong the same day and then came in on Saturday morning and got it done - the team was professional, for the work done right even if it took a little extra effort, made sure to clean up everything afterwards. Highly recommend them
Patti GraysonPatti Grayson
01:38 14 Jul 23
Excellent customer service and quick response! I called the office in the morning, spoke with Bill who was so nice, and repairmen were out within 2 hours. They gave me a time frame and arrived exactly as stated. Randy and John were awesome!! Took care of the issue and we’re friendly and professional. I highly recommend this company!
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