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$65 Emergency HVAC Diagnostic Visit*

          Get help from an expert local heating and air conditioning repair technician to get your system fixed on YOUR schedule.

                                                                         Honest. Friendly. Fair.

Does this sound like your story?

So, your furnace or air conditioner just stopped working, or started making funny sounds and odd smells.  The last time you had a repairman out to your home, they took two or three times to get it fixed with a multiple trips to get the right parts as they tried to guess what the problem might be. Then you received a confusing bill without really knowing what it each item was for or why it needed to be done in the first place. 

At Cincinnati Heating and Air Conditioning, one of our Honest, Friendly, Professional HVAC technicians will come to your home, and find the problem. Then they will explain what needs to happen to correct the issue and prevent future problems as well. We will walk you through all of your options with no pressure so that you can make the right decision for you! We will take care of the repair with high quality parts, and then stand behind our repairs for a full year. Most of the time we will have the right parts on our well stocked trucks to save you the time and hassle of a return visit.

Honest. Friendly. Fair. Its not just what we do, It's who we are.

Let us help make your story great too!

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